The Lab

A new multidisciplinary experimentation thinks and develops unique furniture pieces, weaving a dialogue between craftsmanship, functionality and artistic expression.

Metal is discovered as a recurring protagonist suitable for the realisation of essential and light forms; the mixture with wood enriches it with elegance. Browning and gilding are evoked by using powders of precious metals that, combined with natural pigments, give the oxidation of the metal delicate nuances.

The uniqueness of the furniture is also explored with solutions involving the use of off-cuts: the essence of each material is thus enhanced in its most unstructured form.

The workshop also rethinks the relationship with fabrics. Experimentation and innovation shape a production that discovers a skilful balance between patterns and colours.

Metal, wood and fabrics contaminate and investigate each other to realise the customer’s idea, which GLab accompanies at every stage of development up to the delivery of unique creations.

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